Difference between Deputy Collector and SDM in madhya pradesh

 Difference between Deputy Collector and SDM

The difference in powers of  Deputy Collector and Sub Divisional Magistrate

Difference between Deputy Collector and SDM

Both Deputy Collector and SDM are important posts of administrative service, but there is some important difference in both these posts related to the powers and functions, the major difference between the powers and functions of Deputy Collector and SDM are given below

The Deputy Collectors perform their functions under the provisions of the Land Revenue Act of the State, while the Sub Divisional Magistrates or SDMs perform their functions as per the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure [CRPC].

Difference between powers of deputy collector and SDM in Hindi. 

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The Deputy Collector has no powers to arrest any person, lathi-charge, enforce section 144, etc., whereas the SDM exercises all the above powers as per sub-section 4 of section 20 of CrPC 1973.

Deputy Collectors are not responsible for enforcement of law and order in their jurisdiction while SDMs are responsible for maintaining law and order in their sub-division (which is generally composed of one or more tehsils).

The Deputy Collector cannot order the arrest of any person whereas the SDM can issue orders to arrest any person as per section 44 of CrPC 1973.

The source of the powers of the Deputy Collector in Madhya Pradesh is the MP Land Revenue Act 1959 while the source of the powers of the SDM is the various provisions of CrPC.

A Deputy Collector has revenue-related powers while an SDM has magisterial and judicial powers.

 The allocation of his work and powers to the Deputy Collector is done by the State Government and the Collector of the district concerned, while the SDM gets the powers to perform his work automatically under CRPC-1973.

 Apart from the above point, it is also important that not all Deputy Collectors are SDMs, and not all SDMs are also Deputy Collectors.

 From the point of view of salary and facilities, there is no difference between Deputy Collector and SDM, the salary and facilities available in these two posts are the same, the basic salary of these two posts at the time of the first appointment is Rs 56100.

 It is hoped that after reading the above description, the difference between the functions and powers of Deputy Collector and SDM has become clear.

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